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Types of Providers

A Provider Specialty is the proper technical term for describing the type of care that a licensed provider/clinician is trained to administer to a healthcare consumer.


Consumer Tip: Some providers are trained in multiple specialties and many have ‘focuses’ that go beyond their specialty’s scope of care.

Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

Types of providers we typically assist.

Primary Care

Family (GP/NP/PA)
OBGYN & Women's
Nutrition (+Dietician)

Mental Health

Psychiatry & Brain Health
Neurologist (+Surgical)
Behavioral Counseling
Life Coaching/Social Work

Alternative Care

Chiropractic (+PT)
Naturopathy & Herbalism
Chinese Medicine

General vs Specialized Intake Services

General Intake Services are now being facilitated by digital innovations like online booking links and virtual consultations. And many providers are moving towards Educational Intake so that consumers have access to relevant self-help resources before submitting an online inquiry or prior to reaching out directly to a healthcare practice/facility. 


And then once initial communication has been established between a consumer and a provider, more Specialized Intake Services may be required. This phase of intake typically prompts the consumer to work through a particular set of medical criteria in order to determine if they qualify for a provider’s specialty care. 


Great intake services are informative / efficient and segway into aligned provider-consumer relationships - an important marker of a practice/facility’s care outcomes & business success.

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